Elly A. Navajas

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This study compared the use of various models to describe growth in lambs of 2 contrasting breeds from birth to slaughter. Live BW records (n = 7559) from 240 Texel and 231 Scottish Blackface (SBF) lambs weighed at 2-wk intervals were modeled. Biologically relevant variables were estimated for each lamb from modified versions of the logistic, Gompertz,(More)
THE AIM OF THIS STUDY WAS TO INVESTIGATE THE GENETIC DIVERSITY WITHIN AND AMONG THREE BREEDS OF SHEEP: Corriedale, Merino and Creole. Sheep from the three breeds (Merino n = 110, Corriedale n = 108 and Creole n = 10) were genotyped using the Illumina Ovine SNP50 beadchip(®). Genetic diversity was evaluated by comparing the minor allele frequency (MAF) among(More)
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