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Figure 2: Voltage-gated ion channels open in response to changes in membrane voltage. Once activated, these channels become inactive for a brief period of time and will not open until the original charge is reestablished o C. Fertilization in this diagram occurred at the start of the cycle. The blue hours indicate the period of time it takes for a nematode(More)
Hydrogels with predictable degradation are highly desired for biomedical applications where timely disintegration of the hydrogel (e.g., drug delivery, guided tissue regeneration) is required. However, precisely controlling hydrogel degradation over a broad range in a predictable manner is challenging due to limited intrinsic variability in the degradation(More)
Aliphatic polycarbonates were discovered a long time ago, with their conventional applications mostly limited to low molecular weight oligomeric intermediates for copolymerization with other polymers. Recent developments in polymerization techniques have overcome the difficulty in preparing high molecular weight aliphatic polycarbonates. These in turn,(More)
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