Elliott J Sutow

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Polymer-gel materials used as short-term denture soft linings are blended with plasticizers to lower the glass transition temperature (Tg). A lower Tg allows for greater polymer chain mobility, thus producing a more flexible material. The present work evaluated the loss of plasticizers due to leaching both in vivo and in vitro. Two commercial denture(More)
OBJECTIVE It was the objective of this study to determine the magnitude of in vivo galvanic currents produced by simulating electrical contact between occluding metallic restorations, and to examine the influence of restoration age, difference in pre-contact corrosion potentials, and surface area. METHODS A convenience sample of 106 human subjects was(More)
Accuracy of fit of denture bases is critical to adequate retention. This study compared the dimensional change of a newer continuous-injection technique with a standard trial-pack technique as determined by measuring the posterior palatal border opening. The influence of palate shape and immersion were also assessed. Stone casts were made from master moulds(More)
OBJECTIVE The corrosion potential of a dental amalgam restoration is generally determined using a single measurement, even though environmental factors and abrasion can continuously alter the surface state and reactivity of this alloy. It was, therefore, the purpose of this study to determine the maximum variability of the corrosion potential of aged dental(More)
The clinical effectiveness of tissue conditioners and functional impression materials is influenced by their gelation and flow properties. Laboratory tests were previously conducted that simulated the conditions of clinical use to the extent possible on six commercial intraoral-gelling resilient denture liners. The liners were found to vary significantly in(More)
OBJECTIVE It was the objective of this study to measure the corrosion potential over time of newly-placed admixed dental amalgam restorations as a possible indicator of corrosion activity. METHODS The corrosion potentials of 271 amalgam restorations, 4-min to 24-month old were measured in a convenience sample of 81 subjects. The selected restorations had(More)
A number of studies have been made investigating the properties of dental prosthodontic soft polymer materials. In such materials, which are used as short-term denture soft liners, the polymer component is complexed with one or more plasticizers. This lowers the glass transition temperature, Tg, of the polymer by allowing greater chain mobility and produces(More)
The crevice corrosion susceptibility of cold-worked Type 316LVM stainless steel, cast Co-Cr-Mo, wrought Co-Cr-W-Ni, non-nitrided and nitrided Ti-6Al-4V ELI, and c.p. Ti, Grades 1 and 4, was studied in vitro by means of a crevice cell. Occlusion was created by interfacing a disc specimen and a Teflon bar. Specimens were mechanically prepared through 2-4(More)