Elliott C. Kittel

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The posterior hypothalamus of cats anaesthetized with pentobarbital sodium was superfused and electrically stimulated with a push-pull cannula. Superfusion of the hypothalamus with (±)-, (-)-propranolol, sotalol, practolol or metoprolol caused a concentration-dependent inhibition of the pressor response to hypothalamic stimulation. (+)-Propranolol and a(More)
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Attention is drawn to the importance of long-term thymoleptic treatment by describing the progress of 39 patients who were continually adjusted to a thymoleptic maintenance dose for a mean duration of two years following a depressive reaction. Apart from having a direct thymoleptic effect on insufficiency phenomena lasting longer than particular phases this(More)
In cats anaesthetized with pentobarbital sodium, the posterior hypothalamus was superfused and electrically stimulated with a push-pull cannula. The pressor response to stimulation of this hypothalamic area was inhibited when the hypothalamus was superfused with drugs blocking either alpha-adrenoreceptors (piperoxan, tolazoline), or(More)