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This paper describes the design, modeling, and realization of a tunable left handed (LH) phase shifter using thin film Ba<sub>0.25</sub>Sr<sub>0.75</sub>TiO<sub>3</sub> (BST) ferroelectric varactors. The unique nature of LH transmission line (TL) metamaterials enables reduced size, compared to conventional loaded line phase shifters realized as right handed(More)
This paper contributes to recent work in political economy and public finance that focuses on how details of the tax code, rather than tax rates, are used to implement redistributive fiscal policies. I use tools from natural language processing to construct a high-dimensional representation of tax code changes from the text of 1.6 million statutes enacted(More)
Global Altimeter Measurements by Leading Europeans (GAMBLE) is a project, funded by the European Commission, which aims to mobilize the community of specialists in radar altimetry within Europe. The main objective is to investigate how to maximize the synergy between satellite altimetry missions before launch. This makes GAMBLE unique in the annals of(More)
This paper provides evidence on the effect of electoral institutions on the performance of public officials. Using panel data on state supreme courts between 1947 and 1994, we measure the effects of changes in judicial electoral processes on judge work quality – as measured by citations by later judges. Judges selected by non-partisan elections write(More)
This paper examines the implications of the brain sciences’ mechanistic model of human behavior for our understanding of crime. The rational crime model is replaced with a behavioral approach, which proposes a decision model comprising cognitive and emotional decision systems. According to the behavioral approach, a criminal is not irrational but rather(More)
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