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We describe the cloning and expression pattern of a new paired-class homeobox gene, Vsx-1, in the continuously growing retina of the goldfish. Vsx-1 belongs to a subset of paired-class homeobox genes that lack a second DNA binding domain, the paired-domain, and is closely related to the C. elegans ceh-10 gene. In the adult goldfish, Vsx-1 expression is(More)
The genetic linkages of the murine ocular retardation mutation with the Chx10 gene and the murine small eye mutation with the Pax-6 gene has demonstrated the importance of Paired class homeobox genes in the development of the mammalian retina. Previously, we identified a Paired-class homeobox gene, Vsx-1, whose expression in the adult goldfish retina is(More)
Vsx-1 and Vsx-2 are two homeobox genes that were cloned originally from an adult goldfish retinal library. They are members of the paired-like:CVC gene family, which is characterized by the presence of a paired homeodomain and an additional conserved region, termed the CVC domain. To analyze the possible roles for Vsx-1 and Vsx-2 in eye development, we used(More)
The goldfish (Carassius auratus) visual pathway displays continuous growth and plasticity throughout life. Since homeobox genes are important transcriptional regulators in development, we searched for homeobox genes in the adult goldfish retina and brain. Using the PCR, we discovered a repertoire of homeobox sequences expressed in these tissues. In addition(More)
In efforts to determine the primary structure of intermediate filament proteins in the goldfish visual pathway, we isolated clones from a retinal lambda gt11 cDNA expression library that represent goldfish vimentin. We show that there are at least two forms of goldfish vimentin, designated as vimentin alpha and vimentin beta. RNase protection assays(More)
The goldfish visual pathway displays a remarkable capacity for continued development and plasticity. The intermediate filament proteins in this pathway are unexpected and atypical, suggesting these proteins provide a structure that supports growth and plasticity. Using a goldfish retina lambda gt10 library, we have isolated a full-length cDNA clone that(More)
Keratins are the predominant intermediate filament proteins in the nonneuronal cells of the goldfish optic nerve. At least three different keratin pairs are expressed in this tissue, indicating an unexpected complexity. Expression of the type II keratin ON3 in goldfish optic nerve astrocytes predicts the expression of a type I keratin partner. Here we(More)
We report the cDNA sequence and predicted amino acid sequence of a novel type I keratin, designated as GK50, and show that keratin expression in the goldfish optic nerve is highly complex. The GK50 protein is one of at least three type I keratins expressed in goldfish optic nerve based on both antibody reactivity and blot-binding to the type II keratin ON3.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of the increased use of intrapartum chemoprophylaxis on the incidence of vertically transmitted neonatal sepsis. METHODS Multiple institutional databases were queried for the number of cases in which intrapartum antibiotics were used, the obstetric risk factors that were present, and the number of resultant cases of(More)
The life-span in vitro and other proliferative characteristics of a strain of endothelial cells cloned from the aorta of a fetal calf were examined. Cultures of these cells had a replicative life-span of approximately 80 cumulative population doublings. Growth rates in the logarithmic phase and plateau densities decreased as the cumulative(More)