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We present an overview of the free GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME). GNOME is a suite of X11 GUI applications that provides joy to users and hackers alike. It has been designed for extensibility and automation by using CORBA and scripting languages throughout the code. GNOME is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL and the GNU LGPL and has(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Current screening algorithms for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) view each testing interval independently, without considering prior test results. We investigated whether measurements of α-fetoprotein (AFP), over time, can be used to identify patients most likely to develop HCC. METHODS We performed a nested case-control study using data(More)
We investigate the problem faced by a healthcare system wishing to allocate its constrained screening resources across a population at risk for developing a disease. A patient's risk of developing the disease depends on his/her biomedical dynamics. However, knowledge of these dynamics must be learned by the system over time. Three classes of reinforcement(More)
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