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The first gene found to be amplified in human glioblastomas was EGFR at 7p12. More recently the MET gene at 7q31 was also reported amplified. We have studied chromosome 7 in a series of 47 glioblastomas by FISH, RFLP and microsatellite analysis. Four per cent (2/47) had 1 centromere, 26% (12/47) 2, 32% (15/47) 3, 4% (2/47) 4, and 34% (16/47) had(More)
Amplification of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) occurs in about 40% of human glioblastomas. In half of these cases, rearrangements of the amplified gene result in aberrant transcripts and proteins. The most frequent rearrangement affects the external domain of the receptor and results in nonbinding of ligand and constitutive activity. Less(More)
The catalytic mechanism for self-splicing of the group I intron in the pre-mRNA from the nrdB gene in bacteriophage T4 has been investigated using 2'-amino- 2'-deoxyguanosine or guanosine as cosubstrates in the presence of Mg2+, Mn2+and Zn2+. The results show that a divalent metal ion interacts with the cosubstrate and thereby influences the efficiency of(More)
The proteomes of three industrial lager beer strains, CMBS33, OG2252 and A15, were analysed under standardised laboratory growth conditions. Protein spots in the 2-DE pattern of the lager strains were subjected to MS/MS to identify protein variants. We found the protein composition of the three lager strains to be qualitatively rather similar, while being(More)
Human tumour xenografts maintained in nude mice are a valuable research tool. The passaging and maintenance of human tumour xenografts in immune-deficient animals are expensive and labour-intensive. This study presents a protocol that permits long-term cryopreservation of viable glioblastoma xenograft tissue pieces in liquid nitrogen. Twenty different human(More)
Approximately 30%-35% of human glioblastomas have epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene amplification. Amplicons containing the EGFR gene frequently include several unidentified adjacent genes. Amplification of adjacent genes in the absence of EGFR amplification has been documented. To define the region in detail, we produced a YAC contig map,(More)