Ellie Hawkins

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Quantitative bacteriology was performed on specimens collected by protected catheter fiberoptic bronchoscopy from 172 patients. Of the patients who had pneumonia, 75 of 78 (96%) had one or more species present at greater than or equal to 10(3) CFU/ml, whereas 2 of 35 (6%) control patients had organisms present in that quantity. In addition, 66% of the(More)
BACKGROUND Physiotherapy in intensive care units (ICU) has traditionally focussed on the respiratory management of mechanically ventilated patients. Gradually, focus has shifted to include rehabilitation in adult ICUs, though evidence of a similar shift in the paediatric ICU (PICU) is limited. OBJECTIVES Review the evidence to determine the role of(More)
Tuberculosis has declined in incidence over the past several decades, but disease due to nontuberculous mycobacteria has not. Although mycobacteria other than tuberculosis are commonly isolated in medical laboratories, isolation of such organisms does not necessarily imply disease. Generalizations concerning diagnoses and therapy of nontuberculous(More)
The speed and accuracy of diagnosis of tuberculosis on general medical teaching services were retrospectively compared to that on a designated publicly funded tuberculosis service and to recent discouraging reports in the literature. The diagnosis was confirmed in all patients on the designated service and in 78.8% of patients not on the designated service(More)
We prospectively compared the usefulness of a bronchoscopic protected catheter technique with the results from sputum cultures in the evaluation of moxalactam, a new beta-lactam antibiotic. The significance of a given isolate on protected catheter culture was determined by quantitative bacteriology. 32 patients with community-acquired pneumonia were(More)
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