Ellie G A Lurvink

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Using a Brown Norway rat leukaemia model (BNML), which is a realistic model of human myelocytic leukaemia, we compared the antileukaemic activity, influence on cell cycle kinetics and effect on normal haematopoiesis of 5 aza-2-deoxycytidine (aza-dC) and arabinofuranosyl-cytosine (ara-C). The antileukaemic activity was evaluated by means of a survival study.(More)
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Twenty-one identical tumour specimens were cultured both in the Plasma-Clot Diffusion Chamber (PCDC) Technique and the Human Tumour Colony-forming Assay (HTCA). The culture results achieved in the PCDC-technique were clearly superior to the HTCA: in the PCDC the mean and median plating efficiency (PE) was 0.156 and 0.147, in the HTCA 0.103 and 0.028%;(More)
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