Ellen Yu Borkowski

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Paradigm-shifting landmark buildings are cherished by their occupants and remembered because they reshape our expectations of schools, homes, or offices. Classic examples include Thomas Jefferson's communal design of the “academical village” at the University of Virginia where faculty and students lived close to classrooms, Frank Lloyd Wright's(More)
Novel patterns of teachingflearning have emerged from faculty and students who use our three teachingflearning theaters at the University of Maryland, College Park. These fullyequipped electronic classrooms have been used by 74faculty in 264 semester-long courses since the fall of 1991 with largely enthusiastic reception by both faculty and students. The(More)
At the University of Maryland, budget constraints, questions of duplication of effort, and a call to raise operational efficiency have encouraged a number of relatively autonomous units to turn to the central Office of Information Technology (OIT) for assistance in providing IT services targeted to their specific needs. The required services have varied(More)
In the rst part of this paper, we provide a general overview on the history of the Internet and some of its main features. In the second part, we introduce existing Internet technology that e ects todays education and research in Statistics. Examples are electronic journals, statistical software packages, teaching software accessible through the WWW, and(More)
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