Ellen Westh Sørensen

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The objective of the overall study was to create a foundation for improving the quality of counselling practice in pharmacies. The research question addressed in this sub-study was to describe drug-related problems (DRPs) in terms of frequency as well as type in people with angina pectoris, type 2 diabetes and asthma, as the problems were identified through(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the current status of Danish community pharmacy in both practice and research and discuss future trends. FINDINGS Denmark has a social welfare system that provides health care, social services, and pensions to its population. Medical care and surgery are free. Prescription medicines are reimbursed by an average of 56%. Community(More)
BACKGROUND Action research (AR) is a common research-based methodology useful for development and organizational changes in health care when participant involvement is key. However, AR is not widely used for research in the development of pharmaceutical care services in pharmacy practice. OBJECTIVES To disseminate the experience from using AR methodology(More)
As part of a study in Danish internship pharmacies, 70 fourth-year pharmacy interns interviewed 123 angina pectoris patients. Information was collected about the patients' medication- and illness-related factual knowledge and perceptions as well as their medication use. The results obtained showed that patients' perceptions and factual knowledge about(More)
Objectives Investigation into aspects that influence outcomes of medication reviews have been called for. The aim of this study was to assess how pharmacy internship students in a Danish medication review and reconciliation model communicated with both diabetes patients and the patients’ General Practitioners (GPs) when conveying the results of the review(More)
The analgesic efficacy of inguinal funicular block with 10 ml carbocaine 1% as a supplement to local infiltration analgesia of the vas deferens was investigated in patients undergoing vasectomy. Pain/discomfort during vasectomy and on the first and third day postoperatively were investigated using a questionnaire. Fifty-seven male patients scheduled for(More)
Introduction: The past decade has seen a notable shift in the practice of pharmacy, with a strong focus on the provision of cognitive pharmaceutical services (CPS) by community pharmacists. The benefits of these services have been well documented, yet their uptake appears to be slow. Various strategies have been developed to overcome barriers to the(More)
Introduction The focus in clinical pharmacy practice is and has for the last 30–35 years been on changing the role of pharmacy staff into service orientation and patient counselling. One way of doing this is by involving staff in change process and as a researcher to take part in the change process by establishing partnerships with staff. On the background(More)
Background Interprofessional collaboration between pharmacists and physicians to conduct joint home medication reviews (HMR) is important for optimizing the medical treatment of patients suffering from chronic illnesses. However, collaboration has proved difficult to achieve. The HMR programme “Medisam” was launched in 2009 at the University of Copenhagen(More)
The study developed and tested collaboration models for home medication reviews (HMR) between community pharmacies and general practitioner (GP)s. Three pairs (each comprising one pharmacist and one GP) developed a collaboration agreement on the patient group, content and place for HMR, responsibilities, continuation etc. The collaboration models were(More)