Ellen Wells

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We report the results of a pilot study assessing the use of digital 'virtual slides' in haematological quality assessment. Conducted together with the UK National External Quality Assessment Scheme for General Haematology, the study involved 166 separate participants, using the format of a typical assessment exercise. The results revealed substantial(More)
BACKGROUND A clear policy trend exists towards promoting the use of direct payments (DPs), including those for families with disabled children who use short breaks. However, uptake has been slow and use of DPs has been socially patterned. Recent programmes in England have dramatically increased investment in short break provision including breaks funded(More)
Pharmacists are well positioned to play a major role in increasing access to emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs). A pilot project in Washington State is testing direct pharmacist prescribing. Through a collaborative drug therapy agreement, a licensed prescriber, such as a physician, delegates to a pharmacist the authority to prescribe ECPs directly to(More)
The authors describe preliminary results from a 2-year demonstration project launched in July 1997 in Washington State to expand access to emergency contraceptive pills by promoting collaboration between pharmacists and independent prescribers in providing emergency contraception (EC). The project was undertaken to improve women's awareness and use of(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the prevalence and correlates of self-reported urogenital symptoms (dryness, irritation or itching, discharge, dysuria) among postmenopausal women aged 50-79. DESIGN A cross-sectional analysis based on n=98,705 women enrolled in the US-based Women's Health Initiative observational study and clinical trials. Urogenital symptoms,(More)
In this article, the theoretical distinction between recognition memory decision and discrimination processes is used to explore the effect of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in postmenopausal women. DHEA is an adrenal steroid that diminishes with aging. It has enhanced memory in laboratory animals. An 8-week placebo-controlled, double-blind experiment in(More)
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