Ellen W. Chen

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Good balance, an important ability in controlling body movement, declines with age. Also, balance appears to decrease when visual input is restricted, while this has been poorly investigated among visually impaired very old adults. The objective of this study is thus to explore whether the balance control of the very old differs with varying degrees of(More)
Carcinoid tumours are relatively rare and, in general, slow growing. They can be "non-functioning" tumours, presenting as a tumour mass, or "functioning" tumours secondary to the production of several biopeptides leading to the carcinoid syndrome. Though these tumours represent 0.25% of an oncology practice, a proper understanding of the clinical course of(More)
Existing skin mechanical testing devices focus on measuring skin elasticity and are not tailored to assess the dynamic behavior of skin. The mathematical techniques used to analyze data collected using these devices are often not optimal. A new dynamic mechanical device that measures the linear dynamics of skin was developed and tested. The mechanical(More)
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