Ellen Tedeschi

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The effect of selective dopamine receptor blockade on epileptic activity was tested in rats, using the lithium-pilocarpine seizure model. One day after lithium pretreatment, systemic administration of the dopamine D1 antagonist, SCH 23390, prevented the convulsive activity induced by either 10 or 15 mg/kg of pilocarpine in a dose-dependent manner as(More)
Moral perceptions of harm and fairness are instrumental in guiding how an individual navigates moral challenges. Classic research documents that the gender of a target can affect how people deploy these perceptions of harm and fairness. Across multiple studies, we explore the effect of an individual's moral orientations (their considerations of harm and(More)
On a daily basis, we place our lives in the hands of strangers. From dentists to pilots, we make inferences about their competence to perform their jobs and consequently to keep us from harm. Here we explore whether the perceived competence of others can alter one's anticipation of pain. In two studies, participants (Receivers) believed their chances of(More)
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