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Immunoglobulin variable region exons are assembled in developing B cells by V(D)J recombination. Once mature, these cells undergo class-switch recombination (CSR) when activated by antigen. CSR changes the heavy chain constant region exons (Ch) expressed with a given variable region exon from Cmu to a downstream Ch (for example, Cgamma, Cepsilon or Calpha),(More)
This paper describes the application of risk-based testing for a software product evaluation in a real case study. Risk-based testing consists of a set of activities regarding risk factors identification related to software requirements. Once identified, the risks are prioritized according to their likelihood and impact and test cases are designed based on(More)
The Problem Frames approach defines identifiable problem classes based on, among other things, their context and the characteristics of their domains, interfaces and requirements, without going deeply into the solution. Other software engineering approaches deal with the concept of patterns that present well-known solutions, such as archetype, analysis and(More)
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