Ellen Skinner

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Children’s sense of relatedness is vital to their academic motivation from 3rd to 6th grade. Children’s (n 641) reports of relatedness predicted changes in classroom engagement over the school year and contributed over and above the effects of perceived control. Regression and cumulative risk analyses revealed that relatedness to parents, teachers, and(More)
A study of 805 4th through 7th graders used a model of motivational development to guide the investigation of the internal dynamics of 4 indicators of behavioral and emotional engagement and disaffection and the facilitative effects of teacher support and 3 student self-perceptions (competence, autonomy, and relatedness) on changes in these indicators over(More)
An interview survey was carried out among 1022 adults, representative of a cross-section of the population aged 16-70, to find out how people reacted to the idea of participating in randomized clinical trials of cancer treatment. A secondary purpose of the survey was to learn whether or not people wanted their doctor to give them information about their(More)