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“Um… I’m Pregnant.” Young Men’s Attitudes Towards Their Role in Abortion Decision-Making
The discrepancy between young men’s desire to be more involved in the abortion decision-making process and their ambivalence towards contraception responsibility is explored. Expand
VIGILANTE: Violence and Security in Postwar Guatemala
Author(s): Sharp, Ellen Jane | Advisor(s): Ortner, Sherry B. | Abstract: This monograph documents the rise and fall of a vigilante justice movement in order to understand the conditions that enableExpand
Vigilantes, gangsters, and alcohol: clashing citizenship regimes in postwar Guatemala
In this volatile moment in Latin America, when relations between the state and citizens are in flux, people at the margins of society draw on various notions of citizenship in social conflicts overExpand
Maya after War: Conflict, Power, and Politics in Guatemala by Jennifer L. Burrell (review)
Jennifer L. Burrell, Maya after War: Conflict, Power, and Politics in Guatemala. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2013. 238 pp.In many ways, as Jennifer Burrell and Ellen Moodie argue in theirExpand