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Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response
The COVID-19 pandemic represents a massive global health crisis. Because the crisis requires large-scale behaviour change and places significant psychological burdens on individuals, insights fromExpand
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Intuitive Numbers Guide Decisions
Measuring reaction times to number comparisons is thought to reveal a processing stage in elementary numerical cognition linked to internal, imprecise representations of number magnitudes. TheseExpand
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Decision making and brand choice by older consumers
Older adults constitute a rapidly growing demographic segment, but stereotypes persist about their consumer behavior. The goal of this review was to develop a more considered understanding ofExpand
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Cognition, Persuasion and Decision Making in Older Consumers
Older adults constitute a rapidly growing demographic segment, but relatively little is known about them within consumer contexts: how they process information, respond to persuasive messages, andExpand
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Peer rejection and HPA activity in middle childhood: friendship makes a difference.
Exclusion and victimization by classmates were related to levels and diurnal change in cortisol in 97 fourth graders (53% boys, M = 9.3 years). Number and quality of friendships were considered asExpand
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Best friends’ preference and popularity: Associations with aggression and prosocial behavior
This study examined how children’s aggression and prosocial behavior are related to the preference and popularity of their best friends. Participants were 1,953 fourth-graders (52.2% boys). MeasuresExpand
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Aging-Related Changes in Decision Making
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Lower parental numeracy is associated with children being under- and overweight.
BACKGROUND In adults, lower numeracy is associated with poorer nutrition label comprehension and higher BMI. It remains unclear whether parental numeracy also impacts children's body weight. Expand
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