Ellen P. Goodman

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The Internet continues to transform the information industries and challenge intellectual property law to develop a competition policy strategy to regulate networked products. In particular, inventors of " information platforms " that support the viewing of content—be they instant messaging systems , media players, or Web browsers—face a muddled set of(More)
We propose an agent-based computational model of a local media region that consists of two components: local media voices reporting local news and a social network of households receiving the news. To our knowledge, this is the first attempt to model news dissemination at the individual level in a media market of up to 600,000 households, which(More)
" We recognize the dangers of lapsing into fuzzy-minded ecstasy over the unlimited social potential of the new electronic technology.. .. [However t]he opportunity is at hand to bring us together through the teaching and inspiration possible in a noncommercial telecommunications alternative.. .. [f]rom the careful cultivation of a public discourse in its(More)
The ability of government to "nudge" with information mandates, or merely to inform consumers of risks, is circumscribed by First Amendment interests that have been poorly articulated. New graphic cigarette warning labels supplied courts with the first opportunity to assess the informational interests attending novel forms of product disclosures. The D.C.(More)
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