Ellen P. Goodman

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In this survey, the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors concerning acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in a group (N = 196) of innercity adolescents in New York City were assessed. Sexual activity was the major risk factor for AIDS in this population; 58% of the adolescents had engaged in sexual intercourse; 12% of these had never used(More)
The Internet continues to transform the information industries and challenge intellectual property law to develop a competition policy strategy to regulate networked products. In particular, inventors of " information platforms " that support the viewing of content—be they instant messaging systems , media players, or Web browsers—face a muddled set of(More)
We propose an agent-based computational model of a local media region that consists of two components: local media voices reporting local news and a social network of households receiving the news. To our knowledge, this is the first attempt to model news dissemination at the individual level in a media market of up to 600,000 households, which(More)
" We recognize the dangers of lapsing into fuzzy-minded ecstasy over the unlimited social potential of the new electronic technology.. .. [However t]he opportunity is at hand to bring us together through the teaching and inspiration possible in a noncommercial telecommunications alternative.. .. [f]rom the careful cultivation of a public discourse in its(More)