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BACKGROUND Funding for research is under pressure to be accountable in terms of benefits and translation of research findings into practice and policy. Primary health care research has considerable potential to improve health care in a wide range of settings, but little is known about the extent to which these impacts actually occur. This study examines the(More)
The Research Development Program (RDP) was initiated in 2004 under the Primary Health Care Research, Evaluation and Development (PHCRED) Strategy to increase the number and range of people with knowledge and skills in primary health care research and evaluation. RDP Fellows were invited to participate in an online survey about the effect the program had on(More)
1 Bronchial smooth muscle, skeletal muscle and cardiac beta-adrenoceptor antagonism have been compared in twelve asthmatic patients after three beta-adrenoceptor antagonists at two dose levels. The non-selective antagonist propranolol (40 and 160 mg), the non-selective antagonist with partial agonist activity pindolol (5 and 20 mg) and the beta 1-selective(More)
This study has compared the short-term bronchodilator effects of inhaled anticholinergic (ipratropium bromide) and sympathomimetic (fenoterol) agents alone and in combination in 18 asthmatic patients. the study was of double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design. The combination of 60 micrograms ipratropium bromide and 200 micrograms of fenoterol had(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify environmental barriers to breastfeeding. METHOD Focus groups were conducted with young women, parents-to-be, mothers, fathers and grandmothers in 1996 in northern Adelaide, South Australia (a low socio-economic area). RESULTS Seven focus groups (4-8 participants per group) were conducted. Breastfeeding was seen as being(More)
Breastfeeding policies and practices were analysed in childcare settings in the metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia. Childcare centres were purposively selected based on their geographical location, type and socioeconomic score of the area. Qualitative inquiry approach was employed by undertaking interviews with childcare centres’ director or(More)
The effects of liquid heparin on the analysis of acid/base status of arterial blood include a reduction in PCO2 and an increase in PO2. A study was performed to compare a lyophilised heparin syringe with a liquid heparin glass syringe for collection of blood for acid/base analysis. No significant difference between the variables measured in blood taken in(More)
A cross-sectional study was designed to describe the social context in which breastfeeding occurs by examining experiences of and attitudes toward infant feeding within the general community. Of the 2500 randomly selected adults who participated in the telephone survey, 61% had been breastfed, the youngest child of 52% of participants (who were also(More)
Since breastfeeding is acknowledged as the best nutrition for young babies, it needs to be protected, supported and promoted. This includes enabling mothers to continue breastfeeding even when they return to work. This paper describes a project that promotes balancing breastfeeding and paid work through the development, distribution, promotion and(More)