Ellen McCutcheon

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BACKGROUND In the absence of clarity in national guidelines, this study aimed to reach a consensus among experts in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) regarding when medication should be initiated or changed in patients demonstrating a gradual decline. METHODS An electronic three-stage Delphi exercise was undertaken with 37 leading UK experts in(More)
By 11. C. Dl sAh, E. MCCUTCHEON, B. I IrrLF AND S. C. Dmuscoi.L M ATERNOFETAL PASSAGE of leimkocytes and platelets has l)eemi demonstrated in man during health1 and disease.2’3 However, mio direct cvidence of fetomaternal passage of these elements has so far been recorded in the literature. The recent use of intrauterine transfusions in the management of(More)
Over the past decade, we have seen a significant increase in hospitalizations in South Carolina for the major complications of diabetes: myocardial infarcts (+68 percent), amputations (+61 percent), end stage renal disease (+85 percent), diseases of blood vessels (+100 percent), and eye complications (+52 percent). Many of these late stage complications can(More)
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