Ellen M. Morrison

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Biased selection can threaten the viability of multiple choice health systems unless payments to particular plans are adjusted to offset risk differences among employees. We report the results of a study designed to predict medical care utilization and expenditures for groups of fee-for-service plan (FFS) and health maintenance organization (HMO) enrollees,(More)
The present findings suggest that the trend toward greater diversification of hospital services is likely to be most strongly influenced by state Medicaid policies and certain hospital characteristics. Increasing Medicaid eligibility and payment levels is likely to have a positive effect on services diversification. Growth in the number of inpatient(More)
Physicians who participate in preferred provider organizations (PPOs) usually agree to various types of utilization review and sometimes discount their charges or agree to accept lower fees. This study was performed to determine whether they provided more or fewer services to their PPO patients than to their indemnity patients and whether the discounting(More)
As part of a study to confirm putative structural assignments to new gibberellins and to furnish sufficient quantities for biological investigations, a twenty step synthesis of 18-hydroxy GA1 from gibberellic acid (GA3) is described, allowing the confirmation of structure for a new gibberellin, GA132, that occurs in developing grains of barley (Hordeum(More)
The effects of dietary protein content on lead retention were studied in young rats. In experiments lasting between 3 and 6 weeks, rats given diets containing lead and 20% casein were fed ad libitum or were pair fed with rats given diets containing 6.5 or 7.5% casein. Among rats given 20% casein, lead retention was inversely related to growth rate. A(More)
Throughout the past decade, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) were buffeted by dramatic regulatory and competitive changes. In this article, literature of the 1980s is reviewed to update our knowledge on the HMO industry and to suggest future research. The influence of intensified competition on these organizations and the determinants of market(More)