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Unwelcome Change: Coming to Terms with Democratic Backsliding
Scholars have paid increasing attention to democratic backsliding, yet efforts to explain this phenomenon remain inchoate. This article seeks to place the study of democratic backsliding on sturdierExpand
Democratization by Elections? Competitive Clientelism in the Middle East
Abstract:This article reconsiders the relationship between authoritarian elections and democratization. Examining legislative elections in the Middle East, it argues that elections are bestExpand
Missing the Third Wave: Islam, Institutions, and Democracy in the Middle East
This article explores why some societies witnessed less political liberalization during the Third Wave of democratization than others, and importantly, the conditions under which opposition forcesExpand
Is It Gender, Religiosity or Both? A Role Congruity Theory of Candidate Electability in Transitional Tunisia
Do voters regard male and female candidates equally? Does apparent religiosity of candidates help or hurt their electoral chances? Where biases exist, what explains them? We present a novelExpand
Taking to the Streets: The Transformation of Arab Activism
Taking to the Streets critically examines the conventional wisdom that the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings happened spontaneously and were directed by tech-savvy young revolutionaries. Pairing first-handExpand
Parties in Transitional Democracies
The ABCs of Covid-19 prevention in Malawi: Authority, benefits, and costs of compliance
Respents view both TAs and hospital heads as legitimately issuing directives and having the ability to monitor and sanction non-compliance, but appear to comply more with hospital heads and do so out of respect for their expertise. Expand
Trust, Voice, and Incentives: Learning from Local Success Stories in Service Delivery in the Middle East and North Africa
This report examines the role of incentives, trust, and engagement as critical determinants of service delivery performance in MENA countries. Focusing on education and health, the report illustratesExpand
Not the only game in towns: explaining changes in municipal councils in post-revolutionary Tunisia
ABSTRACT This study sheds light on the relationship between local and national elites during political transitions. Examining local councils in post-revolutionary Tunisia (2011–2013), it examines whyExpand
Opposition Cooperation and Uprisings in the Arab World
What affects the possibilities and success of opposition cooperation in the Arab world? This piece examines the various contributions to the special issue, highlighting their insights into the typesExpand