Ellen L Heck

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The effect of an aqueous extract of valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) root on subjectively rated sleep measures was studied on 128 people. Each person received 9 samples to test (3 containing placebo, 3 containing 400 mg valerian extract and 3 containing a proprietary over-the-counter valerian preparation). The samples, identified only by a code number,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether endothelial cell loss 5 years after successful corneal transplantation is related to the age of the donor. DESIGN Multicenter, prospective, double-masked clinical trial. PARTICIPANTS Three hundred forty-seven subjects participating in the Cornea Donor Study who had not experienced graft failure 5 years after corneal(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether graft survival over a 5-year follow-up period using corneal tissue from donors older than 65 is similar to graft survival using corneas from younger donors. DESIGN Multicenter prospective, double-masked, controlled clinical trial. PARTICIPANTS One thousand ninety subjects undergoing corneal transplantation for a(More)
Donors screened by medical social history interview negative for high risk behavior or communicable disease history, but subsequently exhibiting reactive serological markers, emphasize importance of duel safe guarding factors for determining donor suitability. This report examines a relationship between two immunoabsorption assay tests, hepatitis B core(More)
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