Ellen-Karine Grov

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To provide an overview of available sensory stimulation interventions, and their effect on persons with dementia and to present theoretical and methodological characteristics of the studies included. BACKGROUND Different sensory stimulation interventions are used for persons with dementia to increase alertness, reduce agitation and(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to investigate the psychometric properties of the Threadgold Communication Tool (TCT). METHOD Internal consistency reliability was measured using Cronbach's α coefficient and inter-item correlation. Test-retest was performed to examine the instrument's stability. Exploratory principal component analysis (PCA)(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the psychometric properties of the Holden Communication Scale (HCS) and the association between scores on HCS and cognitive function among persons with dementia. METHOD Internal consistency was assessed by the Cronbach's α coefficient and inter-item correlations. Test-retest was carried out to test the instrument's stability. An(More)
Efficacy of two routine surgical methods was compared in patients with otitis media purulenta chronica having cholesteatoma and fistula. Twenty five patients were operated on the middle ear with preservation of cholesteatoma matrix fragment on fistula of the labyrinth (FL). Forty five patients were operated with plastic reconstruction of the fistula with(More)
BACKGROUND Strategies to improve communication in people with dementia are warranted. We examined the effect of the Sonas programme on communication ability in persons with moderate to severe dementia. METHODS A 24-week 3-armed (Sonas, reading, and control group) randomized controlled trial including 120 nursing home residents with dementia was conducted;(More)
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