Ellen J Safier

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In this article we outline a conceptualization of attachment processes within the family. We argue that the key elements of attachment processes are affect regulation, interpersonal understanding, information processing, and the provision of comfort within intimate relationships. Although these have been described and assessed primarily in terms of(More)
The authors focus on the development of a wraparound program at The Menninger Clinic. This program explores alternatives to long-term hospitalization and residential treatment and provides comprehensive community-based services. After describing the history and evolution of this program, the authors highlight its current components (i.e., diagnostic(More)
Sibling incest has seldom been researched and thus remains poorly understood. The authors review a case and discuss it in the context of the recent literature on incest. The case report they present demonstrates the complexity of individual and family dynamics leading to incest and illustrates the need for caution in making generalizations about incestuous(More)
The concepts of attachment, mentalization, and theory of mind have significant implications for family treatment. The author explores how these concepts are used to enrich and expand the process of family therapy with the premise that attachment provides a significant conceptual base both for understanding family development and for informing therapeutic(More)
With maturity, the field of family therapy has shifted from its exclusive focus on the family's current interactional patterns to an increasing emphasis on the individuals who compose the family. This shift has been apparent in therapists' recognition of the impact of chronic mental disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, manic-depressive illness) and in their(More)
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