Ellen H. Siegel

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Coda is a file system for a large-scale distributed computing environment composed of Unix workstations. It provides resiliency to server and network failures through the use of two distinct but complementary mechanisms. One mechanism, server replication, involves storing copies of a file at multiple servers. The other mechanism, disconnected operation, is(More)
  • References, R Alonso, +24 authors M X I=k Ri
  • 2014
In this paper we propose a new mechanism, divergence caching, for reducing access and communication charges in accessing on-line database servers. The objective is achieved by allowing tolerant read requests, namely requests that can be satisfied by out-of-date data. We propose two algorithms based on divergence caching, Static and Dynamic. The first is(More)
Many traditional approaches to systems software do not adapt well to the complexity and scale of distributed systems, but realities of scale and the growing dependency on electronic communication and resource sharing nevertheless make some degree of distribution inescapable. Among other things, distributing systems software introduces complex failure modes(More)
The Sabra and Chatila are slaughter are recalled in the memory of jewish-american nurse that, after 20 years, comes back to the places were she witnessed the massacre made by the israeli army. The choice to be there on the occasion of the 30th anniversary, to pray and remember, to honour the victims and meet those survived, and refugees, still waiting to(More)
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