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Experiments to bind fluorescein-conjugated Arachis hypogea (peanut) agglutinin (FITC-PNA) to washed human spermatozoa demonstrated that this lectin binds to the acrosome region in air-dried preparations. Since there was no binding when labelling was performed in suspension, and comparable labelling to that seen in air-dried preparations was seen when(More)
Head plasma membranes were isolated from fresh or cryopreserved ejaculated boar spermatozoa and the lipids were extracted for determination of lipid fluidity (n = 6 for fresh and cryopreserved) and for compositional analysis (n = 5 for fresh, 6 for cryopreserved). Composition of the egg yolk extender was also determined. For fluidity determination, the(More)
Fluorescein-conjugated peanut agglutinin (PNA) lectin-labelling is an established procedure for assessing the status of the human sperm acrosome. However, unlike the triple-stain technique, PNA-labelling does not provide a simultaneous assessment of cellular vitality. We have therefore evaluated the use of the fluorescent dye Hoechst 33258 (H33258) as a(More)
Several alternative algorithms for computer-assisted derivation of measurements of movement characteristics from manually reconstructed tracks of progressively motile human spermatozoa were compared. Fifty tracks were reconstructed at 30 Hz from video recordings and analysed using traditional manual methods and by four combinations of computer algorithms.(More)
Motile human sperm populations were prepared from liquefied semen (10 donors x 3 replicates) using Percoll density gradients at 30-60 min post-ejaculation. Sperm suspensions were incubated in a complex 'synthetic tubal fluid' culture medium (STF) at 37 degrees C under 5% CO2 in air for up to 36 h. Parallel aliquots were incubated with 50 microM A23187 to(More)
The authors reviewed recent literature on diversity training interventions and identified effective practices for health care organizations. Self-reported satisfaction was especially likely to be found as a result of training, whereas attitude change measured by standardized instruments was mixed. Although those responsible for diversity training in the(More)
To test the hypothesis that glycerol would concomitantly affect sperm membrane structure and the function of the intact cells, boar semen (4 ejaculates from 4 boars) was cryopreserved in an egg yolk extender with 0%, 2%, 4%, or 8% glycerol in 0.5-mL straws using previously derived optimal cooling and thawing rates. Increasing glycerol concentrations(More)
The treatment of antibody-mediated spermagglutination by corticosteroid therapy has a high incidence of side-effects and sperm washing is often followed by re-agglutination. The possibility of enzymatic disagglutination was therefore investigated. In the first part of the study the effects of four proteases on sperm motility, vitality and longevity were(More)
An improved procedure for human sperm capacitation based upon calcium deprivation using a modified Tyrode's medium is described. Replacement of CaCl2 by SrCl2 significantly increased the penetration of zona-free hamster eggs after 20 hours of sperm preincubation, compared with parallel sperm aliquots incubated in normal medium. The effect of an extra 4(More)