Ellen Elizabeth Anne Simpson

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Elevated concentrations of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1β and IL-6 have been associated with impaired cognitive performance. There are, however, few studies that have examined the relationship between cytokine production and specific aspects of cognition in healthy older individuals. Two-colour flow cytometry was used to determine intracellular(More)
This study explored motives and barriers to physical activity (PA) among older adults of differing socioeconomic status (SES) utilizing a self-determination theory and self-efficacy theory framework. Focus groups (n = 4) were conducted with older adults (n = 28) from two SES groups, using thematic analysis to identify motives and barriers. Integrated and(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify factors that may increase intentions to seek help for an early dementia diagnosis. Early dementia diagnosis in Ireland is low, reducing the opportunity for intervention, which can delay progression, reduce psychological distress and increase social supports. METHOD Using the theory of planned behaviour (TPB), and a mixed methods(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the contribution of components of the Health Beliefs Model (perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, health motivation, perceived risk and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use), sociodemographic variables (age, duration of postmenopause, hysterectomy and social class) and psychological stress to intentions to use(More)
BACKGROUND the transition to motherhood can be stressful, especially for first time mothers. Recent research has shown that yoga can be effective for enhancing psychological well-being. OBJECTIVES the purpose of this study was to establish if a postpartum Dru yoga intervention improves psychological well-being in first time mothers. DESIGN a randomised(More)
OBJECTIVES This study explored the mechanisms of physical activity (PA) compensation among older adults who recently reduced their non-exercise physical activity (NEPA) in response to a structured PA intervention. DESIGN A post-trial, retrospective qualitative process evaluation using interviews was employed. METHODS Levels of PA compensation were(More)
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