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Opioids are the cornerstone of pain management; however, their use is associated with a variety of adverse drug events (ADEs) ranging from nausea and vomiting to urinary retention and respiratory depression. The purpose of this review is to describe the frequency and cost associated with different types of opioid-related ADEs to better understand their(More)
PURPOSE Because of the increasing use of sonography to rule out cancer in women with palpable breast abnormalities, this study was performed to determine the rate of sonographically occult malignancy in this clinical setting. METHODS Women who were recommended for biopsy based on mammographic and/or clinical findings underwent breast sonography. This(More)
A recently developed Society of Breast Imaging curriculum for residency training is intended to provide guidance to residents and their mentors, and to practicing radiologists who want to keep up to date in screening, diagnosis, and interventional procedures. The curriculum contains lists of key concepts in 14 subject areas: epidemiology; anatomy;(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to determine the accuracy of a pharmacy technician-collected medication history pilot program in the emergency department. This was completed by reviewing all elements of the technician activity by direct observation and by verifying the technician-collected medication list through a second phone call by a pharmacist to(More)
we noticed that the slightest flattening of imaginal discs during mounting or observation resulted in the outgrowth of longer cellular processes. Further compression resulted in cells lying down towards the outside of the disc and stretching tremendously while maintaining basal and apical adherences before the basal lamina eventually broke. The long and(More)
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