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Homology of AFLP products in three mapping populations of barley
Abstract Segregation of 850 polymorphic AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphism) fragments was followed in three different doubled haploid (DH) barley populations, Dicktoo × Morex (DM), Igri ×Expand
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AFLP variation in wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum C. Koch) with reference to salt tolerance and associated ecogeography.
Thirty-nine genotypes of Hordeum spontaneum were selected from three geographically separated areas (southwestern, northern, and southeastern) of the Fertile Crescent. The lines were subject to AFLPExpand
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Introgression of quantitative trait loci (QTLs) determining stripe rust resistance in barley: an example of marker-assisted line development
Abstract Genome-analysis tools are useful for dissecting complex phenotypes and manipulating determinants of these phenotypes in breeding programs. Quantitative trait locus (QTL)-analysis tools wereExpand
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Cytological and molecular observations on Solanum phureja-induced dihaploid potatoes
SummarySeventeen potato dihaploids, produced by pollinating the tetraploid (2n = 48) cv ‘Pentland Crown’ with pollen from Solanum phureja (2n = 24) dihaploid inducer clones, were studied. SinceExpand
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Chloroplast DNA variability in old and recently introduced potato cultivars
Summary Chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) variability has been examined in a range of tetraploid European potato cultivars. The potato genotypes studied included primitive cultivars such as Lumpers (1806),Expand
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Identification of a QTL decreasing yield in barley linked to Mlo powdery mildew resistance
A molecular marker map, including Mlo mildew resistance, of the spring barley cross Derkado (Mlo-resistant) × B83-12/21/5 (Mlo-susceptible) was scanned for yield QTLs to determine whether theExpand
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The use of RAPD markers for the detection of gene introgression in potato
Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNAs were employed to demonstrate that potato dihaploids generated after interspecific pollination of a tetraploid Solanum tuberosum cultivar (Pentland Crown) byExpand
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Expression of reducing sugar accumulation in interspecific somatic hybrids of potato
SummaryA somatic hybridisation programme was undertaken to evaluate the expression of reducing sugar accumulation in potato. Interspecific hybrids created between the Solanum tuberosum cultivarExpand
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Scattering of 10–30 keV H+, H2+ and H3+ from surfaces: Excited state composition and scattered H+ flux☆
Abstract An experimental study has been made of H and H+ scattering from metal surfaces under 10 to 30 keV H+, H2+ and h3+ bombardment. Light emission from the point of ion beam impact on the surfaceExpand
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