Ellen B Kaplan

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In the region of the passage of the ulnar nerve from the anterior to the posterior compartment of the arm an arcade is formed which can be a primary or secondary factor in the production of traumatic lesions of this nerve in the arm. It is the purpose of this paper to present the details of this arcade and to note its clinical significance.
Caregivers of 35 mildly to moderately memory-impaired patients rated current and premorbid personalities with the NEO Personality Inventory. We then examined changes in the five domains of personality tapped by the NEO. There were significant changes in four of the five domains of normal personality functioning toward less conscientiousness, lower(More)
BACKGROUND Several prognostic models for overall survival (OS) have been developed and validated in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) who receive first-line chemotherapy. We sought to develop and validate a prognostic model to predict OS in men who had progressed after first-line chemotherapy and were selected to receive(More)
High density lipoprotein cholesterol data on a population-based random sample of 858 white and 72 black probands and their 3935 white and 205 black relatives were collected from nine North American clinics using a common protocol and standardized methodology. Familial associations were examined within clinics for whites and pooled across clinics for blacks.(More)
BACKGROUND Tamoxifen use has been associated with increased risk of thromboembolic events (TEs) in women with breast cancer and women at high risk for the disease. Factor V Leiden (FVL) is the most common inherited clotting factor mutation and also confers increased thrombosis risk. We investigated whether FVL was associated with TE risk in women with(More)
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