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Within the cystatin superfamily, only kininogen domain 2 (KD2) is able to inhibit mu- and m-calpain. In an attempt to elucidate the structural requirements of cystatins for calpain inhibition, we constructed recombinant hybrids of human stefin B (an intracellular family 1 cystatin) with KD2 and deltaL110 deletion mutants of chicken cystatin-KD2 hybrids.(More)
A trypsin-like serine peptidase activity, levels of which correlate with blood parasitemia levels, is present in the plasma of rats acutely infected with Trypanosoma brucei brucei. Antibodies to a trypanosome peptidase with a trypsin-like substrate specificity (oligopeptidase B [OP-Tb]) cross-reacted with a protein in the plasma of trypanosome-infected rats(More)
Calpains are intracellular proteinases whose proteolytic activity is directed mainly against the cytoskeleton and regulatory proteins. We studied the presence of calpain by immunohistochemistry in a rat model of reversible focal cerebral ischemia (3 h) at various times of reperfusion. The numbers of calpain-positive cells on the ischemic side were compared(More)
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