Ellen A Stewart

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This paper presents findings from a multimethod study of pilot elections held to choose members of health boards in the National Health Service in Scotland. We begin by proposing that much current public involvement practice is dominated by a volunteerist model, in which members of the public with time and skills to offer play essentially supportive and(More)
Ensuring that publicly funded health systems are democratically accountable is an enduring challenge in policy and practice. One strategy for enhancing public officials' accountability is to elect members of the public to oversee their performance. Several countries have experimented with direct elections to healthcare organizations. The most directly(More)
Primary healthcare managers are required to include citizens in service co-design and co-production. Health policy guidance appears deceptively simple and largely outlines how people could participate in a range of health services activities. Policy tends to neglect outcomes assessment, and a multidisciplinary academic literature corpus is large and complex(More)
BACKGROUND Many policymakers, researchers and commentators argue that hospital closures are necessary as health systems adapt to new technological and financial contexts, and as population health needs in developed countries shift. However closures are often unpopular with local communities. Previous research has characterised public opposition as an(More)
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