Ella P. Gardner

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OBJECTIVE Generalizing the data models underlying two prototype neurophysiology databases, the authors describe and propose the Common Data Model (CDM) as a framework for federating a broad spectrum of disparate neuroscience information resources. DESIGN Each component of the CDM derives from one of five superclasses-data, site, method, model, and(More)
Two epizootics of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus in mice occurred within two months in one research facility consisting of several widely separated rooms. These outbreaks developed despite intensive institutional monitoring policies designed to prevent introduction and spread of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. Evidence derived from serological and(More)
Biological neural networks in the somatosensory system process haptic information from the hand when it grasps and manipulates objects. The author describes how tactile sensors in the skin detect surface features which are of functional importance to the organism and how this information is further transformed by the central nervous system. The parallel(More)
This paper describes the results of a large experiment that developed specific metrics for evaluating anxiety caused by computer-based information systems. The results suggest that this problem, especially prevalent among managers, may be one of the most significant ones in today's work-place. A three-step solution sequence is suggested, designed to(More)
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