Ella Ovadia

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Antibodies to a 56 kDa nuclear protein have been found in the sera of 85% of patients with myositis using an immunoblotting technique. This auto-antibody appears to be relatively disease-specific though more frequently detectable in both adult and childhood onset dermatomyositis. In adult patients with myositis the anti-56 kDa antibody level reflects(More)
In this study we report that circulating antibodies recognising a 56kD protein, which is a component of large nuclear ribonuclear particles, are commonly found in children with juvenile onset dermatomyositis (JDM). These autoantibodies, as detected by Western blotting, were present in over 90% (24/26) of sera from JDM patients, which exceeds the number of(More)
Resource allocation problems are naturaly represented as constraint networks (CN), with constraints of inequality among activities that compete for the same resources at the same time 4]. A new algorithm for solving networks of RAPs is described and its detailed behavior is presented on a small example and on a real world problem. The proposed algorithm(More)
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