Ella L Toombs

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Skin cancer most commonly affects Caucasians and rarely affects individuals of African, Asian, Latin-American, and American-Indian descent. Although skin cancer is rare in these groups, the diagnosis may be associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Many factors may account for this discrepancy. Skin cancers in these groups may have atypical(More)
BACKGROUND The non-inflammatory linear verrucous subtype of epidermal nevi (LVEN) although generally benign, can be aesthetically displeasing and functionally disfiguring to patients. OBJECTIVE To provide a permanent improvement in the clinical appearance of LVEN with minimal scarring. METHOD Electroplaning with Surgitron® FFPF EMC was the chosen method(More)
This article describes scenarios of patients who have acne vulgaris have tried over-the-counter products and cosmetics and are disheartened by the persistence of their disease and the resulting scars. They may have seen an aesthetician, plastic surgeon, or even a general practitioner before seeing a well-informed skin specialist. Patients perceive the(More)
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