Ella C Jackson

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PURPOSE To examine the distribution of arterial hypotension surrounding arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) using a standardized system of vascular zones. METHODS Mean arterial pressures were recorded during superselective cerebral angiography in 96 patients with AVMs (before they underwent liquid polymer embolization) with the use of a system of vascular(More)
Evidence from healthy individuals and neuropsychological patients with deep dyslexia or semantic refractory access dysphasia suggests that abstract and concrete concepts have different dependencies upon associative and similarity-based representational frameworks. However, the importance of information about semantic similarity for concepts that lie across(More)
Day 11 rat embryos produced by overnight and morning short-period breeding regimens were compared for differences in interlitter variability and stage of development. Female Sprague-Dawley rats were mated either overnight (5 PM-9 AM, n = 22) or for 3 hr in the morning (8-10 AM, n = 20), and the presence of a vaginal plug was determined (day 0). At 11 AM on(More)
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