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On melting summits: : the limitations of field-configuring events as catalysts of change in transnational climate policy
Although field-configuring events have been highlighted as catalysts of institutional change, scholars still know little about the specific conditions that allow such change to occur. Using data fromExpand
Theorizing Path Dependence: A Review of Positive Feedback Mechanisms in Technology Markets, Regional Clusters, and Organizations
The concept of path dependence has often been criticized as vague and only narrowly applicable. Although we can find some very refined definitions of the concept, we also find a wide range ofExpand
Disassembly and reassembly: An introduction to the Special Issue on digital technology and creative industries☆
This paper analyses the dynamics of disassembly and reassembly unfolding in selected creative industries through the advent of digital technology. It argues that a full understanding of theExpand
Studying Organizational Creativity as Process: Fluidity or Duality?
This paper contributes to process studies on organizational creativity by developing two competing research agendas. The first perspective, the ‘becoming’ view, depicts creativity as a constant flowExpand
Regulating the Sharing Economy: A Field Perspective
Critics increasingly highlight the dark sides of the sharing economy resulting from the insufficient regulation of competition, labor, or taxes in its for-profit sector. In this chapter, the authorsExpand
From being there to being aware: Confronting geographical and sociological imaginations of copresence
In economic geography, the notion of copresence has been at the very center of the research agenda for decades. The elaboration of the benefits of colocation and physical proximity was (and still is)Expand
Taking Stock: Capability Development in Inter-Organizational Projects
We examine how capabilities emerge in repeated interorganizational projects and how they affect project development. A multifaceted understanding of project capabilities in interorganizationalExpand
New Directions for the Concept of the Institutional Script
The concept of the script has been a constant companion of institutional thinking of organization. This nano-paper is devoted to unpack aspects that have often remained implicit, particularly theExpand