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Combinatorial interaction testing has become an established technique to systematically determine test sets for highly-configurable software systems. The generation of minimal test sets that fullfill the demanded coverage criteria is an NP-complete problem. Constraint handling and integrated test case prioritization, features necessary for practical use,(More)
Systematically enumerating derivations of a grammar yields for realistic grammars test sets that are to large to be tested with reasonable costs. Existing reduction techniques for grammar-based testing guide the enumeration process to restrict the number of generated test cases. However, they do not provide a rule coverage criterion, i.e., they do not aim(More)
Many software faults are triggered by unusual combinations of input values and can be detected using pairwise test sets that cover each pair of input values. The generation of pairwise test sets with a minimal size is an NP-complete problem which implies that many algorithms are either expensive or based on a random process. In this paper we present a(More)
Electric/electronic architecture model driven FlexRay configurationrichter entwickeln, setzen wir verstärkt Akzente, die nach-haltig umwelt-und zukunftsfreundlich sind. Abstract: Architectural modeling is an integral part of modern software development. In particular, diverse systems benefit from precise architectural models since similar components can(More)
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