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High‐resolution chromosomal microarrays in prenatal diagnosis significantly increase diagnostic power
The objective of this study was to determine for the first time the reliability and the diagnostic power of high‐resolution microarray testing in routine prenatal diagnostics.
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Prevention of preterm delivery with vaginal progesterone in women with preterm labour (4P): randomised double‐blind placebo‐controlled trial
To evaluate the effectiveness of 200 mg of daily vaginal natural progesterone to prevent preterm birth in women with preterm labour.
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Postpartum Bone Marrow Edema at the Sacroiliac Joints May Mimic Sacroiliitis of Axial Spondyloarthritis on MRI.
OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to compare MRI findings in the sacroiliac joints of postpartum women (as a model of mechanical changes) and women with known axial spondyloarthritis (as anExpand
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Postpartum pubic symphysis changes in women with vaginal and caesarean delivery
Poster: "ESSR 2018 / P-0048 / Postpartum pubic symphysis changes in women with vaginal and caesarean delivery" by: "C. Metzler1, C. A. Agten2, A. Rosskopf3, M. Zanetti2, C. A. Binkert1, E. Prentl1,Expand
Ärzte und Hebammen: InterdisziplinÄre Teamarbeit im Kreißsaal
Die Qualitat der Teamarbeit im Operationssaal ist neben fachlichen Faktoren entscheidend von der Qualitat der Teamkommunikation abhangig. Zentral fur die Zusammenarbeit im OP sind dabei derExpand
MR imaging of pubic symphysis after uncomplicated vaginal delivery and planned caesarean delivery in the first postpartum week.
PURPOSE To compare changes in the pubic symphysis between women with vaginal delivery and women with caesarean sections within the first postpartum week. MATERIALS AND METHODS After institutionalExpand
Availability and accessibility of perinatal data for the Robson classification of caesarean sections in Switzerland.
The authors recommend that the limited availability and accessibility of Swiss perinatal data necessitates urgent efforts to link maternal and neonatal data in Switzerland on a national level and toExpand