Elke Michlmayr

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The 'SemanticLIFE' system is designed to store, manage and retrieve ones lifetime's information entities. It enables the acquisition and storage of data while giving annotations to email messages, browsed web pages, phone calls, images, contacts, life events and other resources. 'SemanticLIFE' also provides intuitive and effective search mechanism based(More)
Although the ant metaphor has been successfully applied to routing of data packets both in wireless and fixed networks , little is yet known about its applicability to the task of query routing in peer-to-peer environments. This work presents SemAnt, an algorithm for distributed query routing based on the Ant Colony Optimization meta-heuristic. The(More)
Modern Web applications are full-fledged, complex software systems. Therefore, the development of Web applications requires a methodologi-cally sound engineering approach called Web Engineering. It is not clear, however , to which extent existing solutions from relevant areas, most notably software engineering can be reused as such for the development of(More)
Although the ant metaphor has been successfully applied to routing of data packets both in wireless and fixed networks, little is known yet about its appropriateness for search in peer-to-peer environments. This paper presents SemAnt, a distributed content-based routing algorithm based on the Ant Colony Optimization meta-heuristic and adapted for deployment(More)
— This paper presents the design and evaluation of an ant-based approach to query routing in peer-to-peer networks. After pointing out how to employ the ant metaphor in peer-to-peer networks, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the impact of different settings for the configurable parameters present in ant algorithms on the performance values. In(More)
Due to company mergers and business to business interoperability, there is a need for model transformations in the area of business process modeling to facilitate scenarios like model integration and model synchronization. General model transformation approaches do not consider the special properties of business process models and horizontal transformation(More)