Elke Michlmayr

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Due to the high popularity of social bookmarking systems, a large amount of metadata is available. Aggregating the metadata belonging to one user results in an user profile similar to those often used in Information Filtering. This paper shows how to create user profiles from tagging data. We present the Add-A-Tag algorithm for profile construction which(More)
Conducted for the purpose of receiving the academic title 'Doktorin der technischen Wissenschaften' Abstract Peer-to-peer networks and folksonomies are like living organisms, ever growing and changing as time goes on. This thesis addresses the applicability of algorithms derived from the self-organizing and emergent behavior observed from ant colonies to(More)
This paper delivers a case study on the properties of meta-data provided by a folksonomy. We provide the background about folk-sonomies and discuss to which extend the process of creating meta-data in a folksonomy is related to the idea of emergent semantics as defined by the IFIP 2.6 Working Group on Data Semantics. We conduct experiments to analyse the(More)
The 'SemanticLIFE' system is designed to store, manage and retrieve ones lifetime's information entities. It enables the acquisition and storage of data while giving annotations to email messages, browsed web pages, phone calls, images, contacts, life events and other resources. 'SemanticLIFE' also provides intuitive and effective search mechanism based(More)
Although the ant metaphor has been successfully applied to routing of data packets both in wireless and fixed networks , little is yet known about its applicability to the task of query routing in peer-to-peer environments. This work presents SemAnt, an algorithm for distributed query routing based on the Ant Colony Optimization meta-heuristic. The(More)
UMTS services integrate mobile communications and the Internet, based on a powerful and standardized service architecture. To achieve a positive user experience, careful resource planning, service and protocol design are necessary. After dealing with some fundamental issues of UMTS services, this paper presents LoL@, the Local Location Assistant. It is a(More)
Modern lifestyle has created a new species of tourist who makes several short city trips per year and uses high-tech equipment. LoL@ (local location assistant) is a location-based multimedia UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) application that aims at supporting this class of tourist. LoL@ offers maps, localization, and routing functionality,(More)
Modern Web applications are full-fledged, complex software systems. Therefore, the development of Web applications requires a methodologi-cally sound engineering approach called Web Engineering. It is not clear, however , to which extent existing solutions from relevant areas, most notably software engineering can be reused as such for the development of(More)