Elke Melchinger

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Microsatellite sites were analysed with DNA screening software by using about 148 kilobases (kb) of the human genomic DNA sequence GenBank accession number (acc. no.) which includes the genes PRNP, PRND and PRNT. Regarding microsatellites (MS) with at least four repeats and base replacements within the repetitive motifs<10%, 127 sites were found. Sixteen of(More)
This study describes genetic differences in resistance/susceptibility to pseudorabies virus (PrV) between European Large White and Chinese Meishan pigs, with a mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) obtained from a genome-wide scan in F(2) animals. Eighty-nine F(2) pigs were challenged intranasally at 12 weeks with 10(5) p.f.u. of the wild-type PrV strain(More)
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