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In the past, the genetically diabetic-obese diabetes/diabetes (db/db) and obese/obese (ob/ob) mouse strains were used to investigate mechanisms of diabetes-impaired wound healing. Here we determined patterns of skin repair in genetically normal C57Bl/6J mice that were fed using a high fat diet (HFD) to induce a diabetes-obesity syndrome. Wound closure was(More)
(22S,23S)-Homobrassinolide was tested for its effect on the electric cell potential, proton extrusion, ferricyanide reduction, and amino acid and sucrose uptake of leaves of Egeria densa Planchon. In the light, (22S,23S)-homobrassinolide and its derivative, 2alpha-3alpha-dihydroxy-5alpha-stigmast-22-en-6-one, were similar to each other and similar to(More)
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