Elke Hendrickx

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BACKGROUND The present multicenter study aimed to survey the patients' experiences in relation to the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of periodontitis according to current treatment routine. METHODS Patients (N = 268) treated for plaque-related periodontitis were enrolled in two groups: group 1 received primary probing of pocket depths (PD 1) and/or(More)
BACKGROUND A few case reports suggest that incretin-based therapies could improve psoriasis in patients with type 2 diabetes, the mechanism(s) of which remain unclear. OBJECTIVES To determine the effects after 16-20 weeks of treatment with a glucagon-like peptide (GLP)-1 analogue on clinical severity and histopathological aspects of psoriasis in patients(More)
BACKGROUND Periodontal scaling procedures commonly require some kind of anesthesia. From the patient's perspective, the choice of anesthetic method is a trade-off between the degree of anesthesia and accepting the side effects. The present study evaluates the preferences for a novel non-injection anesthetic product (a gel, containing lidocaine 25 mg/g plus(More)
The overall aim was to evaluate whether a trackball could be used for communication by people who cannot speak due to severe motor impairment. The precision of trackball control by isolated jaw movements or a combination of jaw and head movements was evaluated in 18 healthy physical-education students, free of overt symptoms of craniomandibular dysfunction.(More)
A method to protect the cornea in case of lagophthalmos is presented, consisting in weighting the upper eyelid with dermis graft, combined with a weakening of the levator palpebrae. The technique is described, and the method is discussed versus other methods of upper lid loading.
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