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This paper investigates possibilities to develop adaptive steganographic algorithms in general and especially for images as possible cover data. We exploit <i>dithering</i> as a means to gain image information that can be used by adaptive steganographic algorithms. First, we point out general possibilities for using this process for steganography and(More)
Steganographic modifications must not noticeably change characteristics of the cover data known to an attacker. However, it is a difficult task to define an appropriate set of features that should be preserved. This article investigates possibilities to maintain statistical properties while embedding information. As an example, the simple embedding function(More)
In the future, messages, e.g. speech, text or pictures, will be transmitted digitally since this is cheaper, more perfect and more flexible. It is possible to hide messages, which are of necessity much shorter, nearly unrecognizable for outsiders in such digitized messages. In this article we describe how computer based steganography works and give a(More)
Privacy-Enhancing Identity Management (PIM) enables us-ers to control which personal information they provide to their communication partner(s) by partitioning their personal information into partial identities for themselves. Since partial identities must not be linkable, they cannot share a global name. Therefore, pseudonyms are used as identifiers.We(More)
In the course of the strengthened activities in eBusiness and the connected increasing awareness of privacy aspects, users of another application area become more and more sensitized of the problem field of the users' privacy $eLearning. With this paper we aim to increase the consciousness of the eLearning community for the relevance of preserving privacy(More)
Personalization provides users a comfortable working environment. But the necessary collection of personal data can imply privacy problems. Usual approaches to minimize privacy problems aim at separating data disclosed in different applications. However, this interapplication partitioning is not sufficient in case of large applications. Here we introduce(More)