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The main properties (mechanical, thermal and chemical) and clinical application for dental restoration are demonstrated for three types of glass-ceramics and sintered polycrystalline ceramic produced by Ivoclar Vivadent AG. Two types of glass-ceramics are derived from the leucite-type and the lithium disilicate-type. The third type of dental materials(More)
Three independent examiners evaluated the oral and vestibular plaque-index-rate on all teeth at 100 probands. A 7-grade-index computer-transformed into the plaque-values by Quigley and Hein, Silness and Löe and the debris component of Oral-Hygiene-Index was used. From these tested index-methods the index by Quigley and Hein proved to be the better as to(More)
It was tested to reduce the number of teeth surfaces to graduate plaque with the scale by Qugiley and Hein without loss of representation to total number of (all existing) teeth. Incisivi and canini (oral + vestibular surfaces) of lower jaw showed a high representation (over 80% of all cases) of total plaque value (all surfaces on all teeth).
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