Elke AF Van Doren

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BACKGROUND The interaction of a nanomaterial (NM) with a biological system depends not only on the size of its primary particles but also on the size, shape and surface topology of its aggregates and agglomerates. A method based on transmission electron microscopy (TEM), to visualize the NM and on image analysis, to measure detected features quantitatively,(More)
BACKGROUND Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) remains an important technique to investigate the size, shape and surface characteristics of particles at the nanometer scale. Resulting micrographs are two dimensional projections of objects and their interpretation can be difficult. Recently, electron tomography (ET) is increasingly used to reveal the(More)
This paper presents a capacitance to digital converter (CDC) with a fast serial digital output. The CDC is intended to be used as a flexible solution for interfacing multiple capacitive sensors with maximum value lnF. A cable capacitance of up to InF can be tolerated. Two different modes of measurement are available -a normal mode and a fast mode. The(More)
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