Elizeu Coutinho de Macedo

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We aimed to assess whether modulation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLFPC) with noninvasive brain stimulation, namely transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), modifies food craving in healthy subjects. We performed a randomized sham-controlled cross-over study in which 23 subjects received sham and active tDCS (anode left/cathode right and(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep bruxism is an oral activity characterized by involuntary teeth grinding or clenching during sleep. Several forms of treatment have been proposed for this disorder, including behavioural, dental and pharmacological strategies. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of pharmacological therapy for the treatment of sleep bruxism(More)
OBJECTIVE To verify differences in the visual scanning strategies between pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) and controls when they are observing social and non-social pictures. METHOD PDD group (PDDG) comprised by 10 non-retarded subjects (age from 4 to 41) and age-matched control group (CG). Nine social pictures with human beings (including two(More)
The cognitive model of reading comprehension (RC) posits that RC is a result of the interaction between decoding and linguistic comprehension. Recently, the notion of decoding skill was expanded to include word recognition. In addition, some studies suggest that other skills could be integrated into this model, like processing speed, and have consistently(More)
A test battery (BALS On-line) was created to assess the development of language skills in Portuguese and Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) by deaf students via WWW. The battery consists of six tests, namely: Picture Naming by Matching Written Words (PNM On-line), Picture Naming by Spelling (PNS On-line), Sign Naming by Matching Written Words (SNM On-line),(More)
BACKGROUND the working memory is a cognitive skill that contributes to adequate development of language and to the acquisition of reading and writing. A consistent evaluation of the working memory in pre-school and basic school children demonstrates to be important for the early identification of possible learning impairments. AIM to evaluate the(More)
Analysis of eye movement patterns during tracking tasks represents a potential way to identify differences in the cognitive processing and motor mechanisms underlying reading in dyslexic children before the occurrence of school failure. The current study aimed to evaluate the pattern of eye movements in antisaccades, predictive saccades and visually guided(More)
Abst rac t Objective: The aim of this study was to assess the frequency of depressive symptoms and to evaluate cognitive performance of institutionalized versus non-institutionalized elderly subjects and to compare the effect of institutionalization and participation in the institution’s activity programs on their cognitive performance. Method: A group of(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Continuing health education is essential but challenged. In 2006, the Brazilian Cochrane Center, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, launched a mass teaching initiative in evidence-based health care (EBH) for public-sector professionals via teleconferencing. This 152-hour, interactive EBH course has enrolled over(More)
106 Cognitive Neuroscience Society replicate the Þ nding that high-frequency words can elicit an N250 priming effect using this paradigm, and further show that the presence and size of this effect is dependent upon the order of stimulus presentation. Both high-frequency and low-frequency N250 priming effects were larger when the words were presented in the(More)